It’s ok not to…

… answer why!

What are you? Google? Alexa?




“Just becaaaaaause!” is not a good enough answer for a toddler. Toddlers become very curious and want to know everything, they are trying to make sense of the world around them.

“Why is the sky blue?”, “why do i have to eat my vegetables?” etc… whatever the question, there is no need to get into a wikipedia explanation. Instead, ask them what they think. “That is a good question, why do you think that is?”. Their answer will most likely be amusing, and will show you their level of understanding, on which you can maybe build on.

The point right now with your toddler is for them to understand they can have their own answers and let’s face it it’s ok to be wrong when you are three year old!

If some questions relate to the same themes, there are many facts books out there, have a look and maybe one of those can replace the usual fiction bedtime story.

Make them actors of their own discoveries, not just a passive recipient.

“Why do we have to sleep?

BECAUSE I need a break!!”

Good luck!

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