It’s ok not to…

…finish your plate!

We’ve all heard it, and probably said it to our little ones, “finish your plate, don’t waste your food, eat it up”.

We are not in the few years after world wars anymore, we have no shortage of food. Furthermore, you are not in charge of how much your child eats.

Some children have less appetite than others, so start with small portions, better ask for more than start a food war with your lil one.

DO NOT force your child to eat, i repeat DO NOT force your child to eat.

Bribing? no.

Counting down spoons? NO.

Eating is not about making mama and papa happy, it’s about eating together, without fuss. To each his/her own stomach.

Only propose healthy colourful meals, and no more snacks between them!

Also, home is not a restaurant, what you cook is what they get, no second option. They don’t want to eat? it’s fine, they can wait for dinner or tomorrow’s breakfast.

Children learn to listen to their body, don’t stress them while they eat.

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