I am in awe with those drawings…

Jumo (Junaid Mortimer) is the artist.

Let’s get to know him better:

Half Mauritian, Half Welsh. Born and raised in West London. Currently living in Bedfordshire,UK.

When did you started drawing: I started drawing since I could hold a pencil! I’ve always been into art, be it drawing, painting, sculpting, to even creating music. To me, art is a form of expressing yourself through creation, I’ve always found different ways to express myself through art. 

Why and what do you draw: The artwork I predominately share with the world is mainly under the theme of life and death. I try to express a romantic relationship between life, death and beauty. I predominately do this by illustrating skeletons in an environment I have created that I simply call “The Underworld”. 

What are you passionate about: I enjoy helping people – throughout my life I have always tried to pursue a job where I could help people, but this is always been difficult to achieve. After posting my artwork on social media, I began to get a lot of messages from people advising me that my art has helped them cope with difficult times. This truly makes me happy and I am fortunate enough now to make art my full-time job. 

Future projects, hoping to work with? I would like to collaborate with so many artists and I will do so hopefully this year. I also have a lot of projects that I will be working on, these include creating Playing Cards, Limited Edition Prints, Calendars, Bespoke Clothing and much more! I also plan to release a special edition of my Tarot Cards “The Bones Arcana”.  




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