Nat’s what I reckon

Being on lockdown is challenging, but as Nat’s What I reckon is showing us, it is NOT an excuse to eat crap! Go on champions!

From making your own tomato sauce, carbonara, Bolognese , risotto, soup  and lamb roast, we all can cook. SAY NO TO CANNED FOOD!


Nat is exactly what’s needed in a world of pretentious pseudo chefs youtube  influencers. He is showing us how to cook in a fun and relaxed way, not using traditional cooking prose: “Cut onions how you fucking like I don’t give a fuck”, “If a recipe tells you to put 2 garlic cloves, tell it to fuck off and stick five in” (quotes from the quarantine sauce video).


I have cooked along his recipes and yes they taste fucking delicious, now it’s your turn champions!


Check Nat’s What I reckon:

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