Preschool Officer

You know when they say you should draw comedy from real life experience?

Have you been to prison? Do you have children? Now I see this is confusing but stay with me. Full disclosure,I worked in a preschool for a year, and I shouldn’t write preschool teacher to my resume…No no no… has the best definition for a preschool teacher: “Role model,negotiator,educator,life changer- as a prison officer no two days are the same”!!!

You see, working in preschool is like entertaining inmates!! we need to keep the tensions low, check the kids pockets for plastic contraband (no peppa pig phones allowed remember!) or stolen items (the pompoms stay in the classroom), supervise their one hour fresh air slot in the gated garden, keep an eye for dodgy deals (“I give you a rock for a half banana)…and so on!

Next time you see your preschool officer, please be gentle.

PS: The photos are vintage of a prison officer and a teacher.

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