Belzebubs black metal webcomic is what we, me, you have been waiting for!belzebubs_bdayBelzebubs is a “trve kvlt mockumentary” concentrating on the everyday challenges of family life: raising kids, running a small business, and making time for worship. But in this case the kids are named Lilith and Leviathan, the business is a black-metal band, and the worship… isn’t exactly about The One up there!
imagesThe comic strips created by jpahonen are tongue-in-cheek quips on the heavy metal lifestyle we can easily relate to, and within a few years Belzebubs has rallied fans around the world.


I have just pre-ordered the first collected hardcover edition of Belzebubs set to be released in February 2019 (english version), here is the link if you wish to pre-order yours:

Belzebubs Shop

If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to check those pages:

Have you been reading this comic already? What did you think?

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