Sorry all for the delay, sometimes life gets in the way, and there are not enough hours during a day. So here it goes, a new post, one that is close to my heart:

I wanted to share with you my family tradition that never failed: watching a horror movie on Xmas day. Yes you read right! It all started with my crazy mom, a horror movie addict, and her love for the genre, over the years, became a xmas institution. While some families watch musicals or children movies, at my home it was another story! REALLY ANOTHER STORY!

To be clear, I am not a horror movie fan.. I like the aesthetic, but the psychological stress from it terrifies me…which makes me fun to watch if you are sitting next to me! One Xmas day, probably the scariest for me, was to watch The Human Centipede…THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE MOOOOOOOOOOOOM REALLY…I couldn’t be further from the tv that day but still I kept watching like the masochist that I am! Other years included Nightmare On Elm Street, The Exorcist, The Evil Dead, Shaun Of The Dead…

Sadly I will never be able to share this tradition with my crazy mom anymore (RIP <3) but I will keep it a habit I promise you, I will miss you laughing your head off at me while I am sitting in a foetus position on the sofa, hiding behind a pillow, squeezing your hand, but still I watched because this was your world and I felt safe with you by my side. I love you and I miss you ❤

PS:What is your Xmas movie tradition?




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