Tattooed-Mom “Ena” Interview

And there we have it, our very first tattooed-mom interview! A huge thank you to Ena for her participation!

ENA (Ena_von_shiva on Instagram)is a hairdresser who lives in Germany/Nordrhine-Westphalia, and has 2 kids aged 7 and 4 year old. Let’s find out what she has to say:

First of all a big thank you for taking the time to talk to , how are you today? What has been your day like?   I’m good, it’s Sunday and we are chilling at home, we just had breakfast and pancakes were requested.

So let’s get straight into it : Are tattoos and being a mother compatible? Of course it is! I think nowadays we should be open-minded and  show our kids that everyone is special and different. Tattoos are a way to express your personality or the Art you Love. Why should it make me less of a mom, I do the same things other moms do without Ink. I just look different.

When and which was your first tattoo? What made you decide to have more? I was 19 for my first tattoo and it was a Tribal. Over the years, I got more and more interested in Tattoos, my main wish was to get a Dragon on my back. And it got started then..

Do you have any favourite ones? All of them my Favs 🙂

As an employee, have you ever had discussions about your tattoos with your boss or colleagues? If yes what was it like? Not with my Boss but yes you get questions. Most of my customers questioned me, what tattoos I have and the reason for them. Most don’t understand the love for it. But my experience is that when you explain it to some to people, they are fine with it. I have no problems at work. However I wish people were more open to it because I get “looks”, and sometimes you have to do more to prove that you are good at your job, same as mom.

How about discussing it with children? How did they notice? For my children it is totally normal to have an Inked mom, they like it.


Some people believe tattooed men and women cannot be trusted, they are a bad influence and role model for children. What is your opinion on this? It’s bullshit. Why would tattooed people should be less than people without tattoos? I raise my kids to be open-minded and show them that everyone is unique. It doesn’t matter if you have tattoos or not, what you look like. It’s the personality that counts. My kids always come always first, they get love, care, and everything they need to grow up with a good life. When they tell me ” You are the best Mom in the World “ I know I’ve done right, and that only matters!

What are important qualities you wish to pass on your child/children? To express their personality freely, to be strong, to have empathy and be social.

Now picture this: your child is 18 and wants a tattoo, what do you say? Hum… I mean what could I say? I would say to think deeply about the reasons and motivation to get to get a tattoo and where on the body. And if the wish is still there, I would let him do it.

You are speaking at a convention, the audience thinks that tattoos are wrong and “your body is a temple ”. What would you tell them? Yes my body is my temple, and my temple is full of Art. So I am a piece of Art. Just Beautiful! I don’t judge anyone for hanging up Art on their walls so no one is supposed to judge me.

Last question: Would you hire a tattooed nanny or not? Of course I would definitely 🙂 Thank you \m/

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