Wine & Metal

As I am about to go to my home country France, I am already thinking of all the good wine I am going to drink. But my metalhead mind works mysterious ways, and the Metal wines come to my mind.

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Oh yes, some of our favourite Metal bands have released their wine, tequila, beer, vodka, whisky and lately Manson created his absinthe.

Mansinthe_600x600 (350x167)

In a world where they are selling way less cds, it is no wonder bands have turned to this.

11041826_640824716044137_7726324371449605996_n (350x232)

Hate it or love it, I am 100% for it! And no I am not paid (not yet ;)) by to say this. Seriously we need to support our bands so why not drink their products. Sante!Prost!Cheers!

Rammstein-Tequila_600x600 (350x350)

Do you have any of those already? What do you think about their taste? Still undecided to purchase a bottle?

Check out for more information!

10413358_603675749759034_4624207282319664798_n (350x350)

“In Vino verita – In Metal we trust!”

Ps:You can leave your comment on this page or Instagram or Facebook \m/ Happy hangover my beloved.




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