Tattoos and Getting Older

One of the questions I am sure you get asked too is : “But how do you think you will look at 60 with all those tattoos?” . Me :“Fucking fabulous of course”.

tattooed-elderly-people-21__605 (350x261)

There are many reasons to have or not a tattoo done, it’s an entirely personal decision. Through this blog I will explore and confront people who are against getting tattoos and will try to find the real reason behind their choices, and not what society has stigmatised about it. I am sure I will discover ignorance and brainwashing!.

tattooed-elderly-people-14__605 (282x350)

Actually if you think of anyone right now, please send us an email and let me know. This platform is to understand each other better, in a polite way.

tattooed-elderly-people-34__605 (233x350)

Internet is a great resource to find photos of older people with tattoos and no doubt there will be more of those. Sadly I have no idea who the people on the photos I have selected are so if you know them I would happily add their name and who knows maybe get in contact with them!

Getting older is getting better, better and wiser, better and sillier, better and happier.

Getting older and being tattooed rocks, society will never ruin this!


One thought on “Tattoos and Getting Older

  1. Thanks for stopping by! This is one of those anti-ink platitudes that just wind me up. Sure your skin ages and so will your ink but a properly done tattoo that’s been well cared for (that means religious use of sunscreen, which everyone should be using anyway) will last as long as you.

    Sure, you might need a touch up or two along the way but other than that they’ll look great.


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