So this is it!

Welcome to I Am Tattooed Nanny blog!
Where do I start? What is a good first blog entry…hum…Why another blog I hear you say? Ok let me try to explain the aim of this:
First of all this is not another self-indulged “look at me I am important” blog. Non Non Non! I don’ t want this to be just about me and what I think, I want this space to be about all of us with tattoos , or if you don’t have tattoos (WTF dude!!) , you accept us and don’t see tattooed people as freaks who can’t be trusted, THEN YOU ARE WELCOME HERE!

Feel free to read the blogs entries, share them ,comment ,check out the instagram account

Feeling like sharing your story then contact me: for an interview featured on this blog.

Let’s create an open minded community \m/
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