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And thank you for passing by, I hope you will enjoy this blog, don’t hesitate to get in touch and be featured in these pages.

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New !!! Β  Iamtattooednanny is on Instagram! and Facebook!



Difference doesn’t mean we are not to be trusted.

This is a place for all of us, addicted to Tattoos,Heavy Music, Occult Art,Dark Arts… and with children in our lives! or not!Β 


A place about all of us, tattooed nannies, tattooed mummies, tattooed sisters, tattooed aunties, tattooed grandmas!

But also a place for tattooed mannies, tattooed dads, tattooed brothers, tattooed uncles, tattooed grandpas!

The Blog entries are about anything related to music/art and more. You will find them in the menu option under Blog.

There will be interviews too, so we get to know more about each other and what matters the most for us.

Enjoy \m/

Ps: Even if you don’t have a tattoo you are of course welcome to these pages! We love everybody (almost πŸ˜‰ )


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